Tyto enables health systems to extend the reach of their clinicians and specialists by providing comprehensive medical exams and consults from any location.

Expand Your Network of Care

Tyto Home Monitoring Device


  • Provide on-demand medical exams to your patients.
  • Monitor post-op patients and those with chronic conditions.
  • Improve level of care, reduce costs, and improve patient satisfaction.
Tyto Home Monitoring


  • Provide remote medical exams to students and faculty.
  • Increase school telehealth coverage with a portable, affordable solution.
  • Improve student care and reduce absenteeism.
Telehealth Monitoring Alerts

Urgent Care

  • Provide expert consults and second opinions when needed.
  • Reduce on-site staffing needs, improve load balancing.
  • Reduce patient wait times.
Telehealth Monitoring by Nurse

Traveling Nurses

  • Provide nurses with access to on-demand clinician and specialist consults.
  • Improve level of care.
  • Reduce visits to the ER.
Telehealth Hospital Monitoring

Long-Term Care

  • Provide patients with on-demand medical exams with a doctor or specialist.
  • Reduce on-site staffing requirements.
  • Improve level of care.
Telehealth Monitoring


  • Provide employers with access to on-demand medical exams conducted by your physicians.
  • Reduce unnecessary visits to the ER.
  • Expand your patient base.


Designed for consumer use, TytoHome fits in the palm of your hand, has built-in guidance to ensure accuracy and ease of use, and provides clinicians with clinic-quality exam data to help ensure patients receive the best remote diagnosis and treatment possible.

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TytoPro Monitoring Device


Developed for professional use, the TytoPro examination kit is designed for the rigors of daily clinical application. It comes with a customized clinician workflow, headphones for listening to heart and lung sounds, and can be used in the office or remote locations such as schools, clinics, and homes during home care visits.

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TytoClinic turns any remote point-of-care location, such as an employer work site, retail clinic, school, or nursing facility, into a comprehensive yet affordable telehealth clinic. It includes the Tyto Exam Kit, pre-loaded iPad® and stand, headphones, a pulse oximeter and blood pressure cuff. TytoClinic is also available in a travel version for those who require a portable, lightweight solution.

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TytoClinic Monitoring Device


All Tyto products are powered by our TytoVisit, our HIPAA compliant cloud-based telehealth platform that includes the TytoApp and Clinician Dashboard. The TytoApp works with the Tyto Device to capture exams and share them with a clinician or to conduct a live telehealth exam. The Clinician Dashboard enables physicians to review exams, communicate with patients, conduct live telehealth exams and schedule telehealth visits.

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TytoCare is transforming healthcare delivery with On Demand medical exams and telehealth visits, anytime, anywhere.

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