TytoCare impacts cost, quality, and the care experience

TytoCare partners with healthcare plans and providers throughout the US and around the world to provide innovative remote care from home, making it an integral and equitable place for primary care consumption. TytoCare’s Home Smart Clinic addresses the key performance pillars of providing high-quality, equitable care, lowering the total cost of care, and increasing member retention and acquisition. While many factors influence the extent to which TytoCare impacts our partner metrics, TytoCare’s leading indicators show significant impact across the board, with research studies and in-field deployments showing the following results. 

Key takeaways in this paper:

  • TytoCare impacts cost, quality, and the care experience, providing high-quality and equitable care from the comfort of your own home.
  • The business impact data provided in this document is a result of research studies conducted by 3rd party independent researchers, research conducted by Tyto customers, or anonymized data extracted by TytoCare.
  • According to a Journal of Health Economics study, TytoCare has been shown to reduce total cost of care by 5% or more.
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Read more about how TytoCare has positively impacted our partners’ business, and how we could impact yours. 

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