Tyto Engagement Labs™

The home health delivery paradigm shift enabled by the Home Smart Clinic requires some behavioral change by clinicians and families. TytoCare has years of experience working with our partners to implement Home Smart Clinic solutions together. We have taken this experience and created Tyto Engagement Labs™, a proven holistic suite of user engagement services that includes all the required elements for successful deployment and adoption of the TytoCare Home Smart Clinic in the market.

With TytoCare, you will define your objectives, set measurable KPIs, build your user journey, and make adjustments based on BI analytics. Our framework includes tailored user engagement blueprints, continual expert guidance, and ongoing campaign monitoring and optimization.

Learn more about Tyto Engagement Labs™ and find out how it will impact the results of your virtual care programs in this short eBook.

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How to ensure success:

Tyto Engagement Labs™

TytoCare created a proven framework that includes all the required building blocks for successful deployment and adoption of the TytoCare Home Smart Clinic. This framework is based on TytoCare’s learnings from behavioral science, and from years of successful deployments with our partners globally. It is designed in a flexible way that allows adaptations depending on the audience or the modality being addressed. It includes the following services:

Engagement blueprints

Detailed blueprints based on TytoCare’s experience launching virtual care programs into the global market, designed to promote the required behavioral change from all stakeholders.

Engagement advisory

Consulting services provided by TytoCare’s user engagement experts, to improve collaboration with customers and user engagement activities.

Engagement engine

Robust, full-stack marketing services using TyoCare’s marketing experts and technologies, in order to offload the heavy lifting from customers and ensure successful end-to-end user journey execution.

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