Introducing Tyto

Tyto enables anyone to perform a comprehensive medical exam anywhere, anytime.*

For Home Use

Tyto improves the quality of telehealth and virtual visits by providing clinical-quality exam results, giving clinicians more information to improve diagnoses and treatments.

For Clinic Use

Tyto provides clinicians with a digital exam tool and platform that captures vital images, sound recordings and videos. Now you can easily share exams with patients and other practitioners.

An Integrated Solution


Tyto for Patients

Get the freedom and knowledge you need to manage your family’s health, while saving time and money.


Tyto for Clinicians

Treat patients anytime and anywhere for better continuity of care.


Tyto for Health Systems

Become industry leaders by providing economical connected health solutions to clinicians and members.


Tyto for Employers

Provide advanced telehealth offerings with remote exams to offer employees convenient, quality, and cost-effective care anytime, anywhere.