Corewell Health’s virtual care program launch:

Adoption and engagement strategies for success

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dad examines her child with tytocare
dad examines her child with tytocare

Launching a virtual care program with a proven engagement framework

When you launch a virtual care program, you need to make sure your members or patients are engaged to ensure success. Launching a virtual care program using Tyto Engagement Labs™, a proven framework for successful deployment and adoption of the TytoCare Home Smart Clinic, can help maximize success. This framework is based on TytoCare’s learnings from behavioral science, and from years of successful deployments with our partners globally.

Corewell Health launched their virtual care program with an omnichannel campaign, drawing on the best practices of Tyto Engagement Labs™.

Why your launch strategy
is key

“We were asking consumers to make a large health care purchase before they were sick and because of that it became important to explain why TytoCare is the key to “being prepared” and the new essential household item.”

Travis O. Rooke
Strategic Marketing Partner at Corewell Health


Leading West Michigan health system

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Corewell Health has brought two of Michigan’s most respected health systems together, Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health, in pursuit of better health. At the time of launch, Corewell Health in West Michigan was named Spectrum Health—the name and brand on many of the marketing samples included in this case study. In West Michigan, Corewell Health spans 13 counties and includes 11 hospitals, three rehabilitation and nursing centers, 120 outpatient sites, and telehealth services.


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High enrollment and unique virtual care program

Corewell Health’s virtual care program launch was designed to increase awareness of their virtual health services while leveraging TytoCare as a unique offering and encouraging sales of the Tytocare Medical Exam Kit.

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Families received a TytoCare kit at launch

mother examines her child with tytocare mother examines her child with tytocare

Omnichannel patient journeys for cohort engagement

Corewell Health integrated TytoCare’s remote physical examination solution into its virtual care program to enable remote physical exams and improve clinicians’ ability to diagnose patients from home.

To successfully launch TytoCare to their patients, Corewell Health initiated an omnichannel campaign aimed at both Corewell Health employees (with special reduced pricing), and their patients across West Michigan. To ensure relevant messaging for their audience, they segmented their patient population by age, number of family members, and history with virtual health.

With the launch of their TytoCare program, Corewell Health utilized best practices based on their experience with their audience and behavioral science methodologies based on TytoCare’s experience across their partners.

Email campaigns
Seasonal campaigns
Digital campaigns
Physical presence
Face of the campaign
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3 Key Takeaways


Innovative marketing for innovative programs –
try new things

Test new marketing methods and approaches to find which works best. Corewell Health experimented with a diverse range of channels and then optimized their campaigns based on what was delivering the best results.


Implement omnichannel engagement campaigns –
both physical and digital

Utilize a variety of channels in your campaign to expand your reach. Corewell Health targeted users in multiple places, meaning that they were meeting their patients wherever they were.


Optimize campaigns based on results –
A/B testing is your friend

Make data-based adjustments to your campaigns to maximize success. Corewell Health adjusted their messaging and methods based on the results of previous campaigns, using data-driven decision making.

Digging into the details

Email campaigns

  • Newsletters mentioning TytoCare to employees and patients
  • Promotional emails about TytoCare, highlighting FSA & HSA eligibility
  • 2-3 part journey emails offering the device for $299 with discounts used as a draw
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Best practices

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Create multi-touch email journeys

Corewell Health created email campaigns consisting of 2-3 or more emails for each campaign, resulting in high email open rates and CTR.

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Tailor messaging to each cohort

Rather than sending one standard email to all recipients, Corewell Health adjusted the messaging for employees versus patients. This enabled them to address their target audiences’ needs and pain points. 

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Offer incentives

Corewell Health accelerated adoption of their virtual care program by offering attractive discounts and gift cards for patients who purchased and adopted TytoCare.

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The email campaigns showed significantly higher email open rates and CTR than healthcare industry standards.

Healthcare industry standards

23% 38-50%

With email campaigns

Healthcare industry standards

3% 4.2-9.7%

With email campaigns

Seasonal campaigns

  • Black Friday promotions offering discounts for TytoCare devices
  • Seasonal promotions leveraging common health-related challenges: Cold and flu season (winter), allergy season (spring), rashes, burns, allergies (summer)
Seasonal campaigns + Corewell Health’s virtual care program launch + TytoCare Case Study
Best practices

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Tap into seasonal topics that are relevant to your population

Running campaigns connected to topics that are salient for your population increases the likelihood that your content will resonate with your audience and drive engagement.

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Leverage external events

Holidays and events like Black Friday offer a great opportunity to push promotional content to your audience. By ramping up marketing ahead of this event, Corewell Health was able to create more buzz in the lead up to this opportunity.

Seasonal campaigns + Corewell Health’s virtual care program launch + TytoCare Case Study

Digital campaigns

  • Organic and paid social media
  • SEM
  • Influencer marketing
  • Video updates from leaders
  • Landing pages
  • Broadcast TV Ads
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Best practices

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Optimize campaigns based on results

Corewell Health adjusted their messaging based on previous campaigns to improve key metrics.

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unique views


new visitors

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Tailored content that works for your audience

Corewell Health created a video to go with their digital campaigns, targeted at their audience. This thoughtful and creative approach to marketing TytoCare gave them a major asset to use across promotional campaigns – and puts a smile on your face when you watch it!

Physical Presence

  • Pull-ups and printed materials in clinic areas
  • Display advertising in local shopping malls
  • In-person demos at largest employers in Michigan
  • Traditional marketing (billboards, bus wraps, newsprint)
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Best practices

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Leverage your physical presence

Ensure that clinicians can speak about the benefits of virtual care, and utilize clinics as pick-up points for devices. Corewell’s use of clinical areas to share messaging about their virtual programs added gravitas, and enhanced the trust of patients in virtual options.

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Face of the campaign


Corewell Health selected a range of people to represent their TytoCare campaigns across the internet – including a clinician, a mom influencer, and a Corewell employee. By using this range of different personas, they were able to deliver slightly different messages from each to their target audience.

Best practices


Match the face of the campaign to the message you’re delivering to your target audience.

Carefully select the persona(s) that will be best matched to the message you want to convey to your target audience.


Strengthen your overall message by delivering it from a few angles:

1. Clinicians – by including a medical professional, Corewell have added a sense of trust that a doctor recommends TytoCare as a method of care.
2. Mom influencer – this is a great way to show that other people who are similar to the target audience like the device and are using it regularly.
3. Employee – since some of the Corewell targeting was to employees, it made sense to showcase someone who they may know, work with, and relate to.