• Tyto Device with Exam Camera, Thermometer, Otoscope, Stethoscope (with volume, bell, and diaphragm filters), and tongue depressor adaptors
  • TytoVisit platform (includes the TytoApp and Clinician Dashboard) for conducting live video telehealth exams, reviewing exams, and communicating with patients
  • SpO2, blood pressure cuff, iPad® with pre-loaded software, stand, and headphones
  • HIPAA-secure, AWS cloud storage
  • Travel version includes backpack and portable stand


  • Provide remote locations such as schools, nursing homes, home care facilities, clinics, employee work sites, urgent care facilities, and pharmacies with a comprehensive, turnkey telehealth solution
  • Get a quick and easy specialist consult or second opinion
  • Send exam data to EHR for continuity of care


  • Improve patient care
  • Reduce unnecessary visits to urgent care and ER
  • Improve load balancing (clinics and urgent care)
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Reduce costs

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TytoCare is transforming healthcare delivery with On Demand medical exams and telehealth visits, anytime, anywhere.