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Engagement that works in virtual care user journeys

Engagement that works in virtual care user journeys - Tytocare

Written by Si Yahav Tirosh

Engagement is the key to success. How does TytoCare promote engagement in its virtual care solution?

Designing the mental model for virtual care 

Users formulate their perception of a new solution from the very first touchpoint. When we introduce people to a novel solution, we have the opportunity to generate the right mental model through behavioral science. This model establishes users’ ingrained beliefs and views. It should inform them of the solution’s value and the pain points it can address. 

When we offer TytoCare to families as an alternative to in-office healthcare visits, we’re asking them to make a behavioral shift: Instead of going to see the doctor at the clinic, we’re giving them access to remote medical examinations they can conduct from home.

I love seeing the expression on people’s faces when I tell them what TytoCare can do for them. Their response is usually along the lines of, “No way! The doctor can actually look into my throat while I’m sitting at home and he’s at the clinic? That’s magic!”

How can we express the magic of TytoCare to someone in an email? How do we ensure that members who signed up for TytoCare understand the impact it will have on their lives? Our vision is to bring the clinic into families’ homes. Once it’s there, our mission is to make sure they use it for better and more convenient access to care.

Behavioral science is thus inherent to TytoCare’s offering. To change people’s behavior, we need to create an optimal environment that removes friction and provides motivation. These principles are built directly into Tyto Engagement Labs™️.  

Behavioral change is needed across all stakeholders to maximize virtual care engagement. Patients must change their healthcare consumption habits to adopt virtual healthcare. Providers need to embrace new healthcare methodologies and innovative approaches to care delivery. Health plans must practice different marketing strategies to build and promote nontraditional plans. 

Building trust

The core elements of the trust experience in healthcare are reliability, competence, and integrity. Traditional telehealth has been criticized for lacking the personal touch. When it comes to members’ health and the health of their family, we build trust by personalizing the experience and not compromising on the quality of care. This is especially vital with remote care. Members must feel confident that remote care provides them with the same level of care, or better, as the service they receive from an in-clinic provider. 

At TytoCare, we give users clear information about who their provider will be. We promote users’ confidence in their ability to conduct a remote exam for themselves or a family member. Our end-to-end user journey removes barriers to use by sowing seeds of consistency, authenticity, and trust. Some of our communications come from the clinicians themselves, and we include clinician testimonials in our messaging so that patients understand that their doctors trust TytoCare. 

The impact of user experience

Adoption is greatly impacted by the experience users have. This knowledge guides our engagement strategy across channels. It directs our user experience approach with TytoCare as well as service providers. 

We set and reinforce the mental model to make sure users understand what they can expect from TytoCare. We’ve created a uniform experience for users, from outreach to unboxing, to every interaction with the product itself. 

For instance, our quiz “Is TytoCare a good fit for me?” uses brief questionnaires to ensure users are aware of TytoCare’s value and lets them know how to use it. We include an informative magnet as part of the TytoCare package that directs users when to use TytoCare vs. another healthcare alternative. We make it easier for users to decide when to use TytoCare, because when someone is sick, making the right care decision can be an additional source of stress. 

The ultimate ‘Aha! moment’ comes when users try TytoCare for themselves during an initial welcome training. Users have shared that they found this very beneficial. It helps them understand how to use Tyto and makes them more comfortable using it when the time comes.

The first time users try out TytoCare for themselves, they realize the doctor can actually look into their throat, check their ears, listen to their lung sounds, or examine their skin. Nothing compares to having a real remote exam and getting an accurate diagnosis and prescription if needed, all without ever having to leave the house. Our high NPS score and retention rates further reflect users’ satisfaction with TytoCare and their willingness to recommend it to others. 

Tyto’s Engagement Labs™️

Over the years, we’ve researched what motivates our users to change their behavior and have optimized our user journeys to ensure successful adoption. The result is the Tyto Engagement Labs™️, which apply behavioral science insights and utilize them to create authentic, sustainable change by all parties.

The Tyto Engagement Labs™️ are our holistic suite of user engagement services that support our partners and increase adoption rates of our virtual care solution. This research-based, experience-backed framework is the comprehensive way to ensure the success of your virtual care program:

  • Tyto’s Engagement Blueprints are based on cohort types and use cases and ensure that every core value proposition matches the appropriate cohort and use case.
  • Tyto’s Engagement Advisory consulting services leverage our user engagement experts who work closely with our partners to ensure success.
  • Tyto’s Engagement Engine full-stack marketing services and technology to ensure user journey execution and monitor campaign performance. 

Bringing about change

In summary, at TytoCare, we know that when you generate a behavioral shift, successful engagement and adoption will follow. We bring about crucial behavioral change in the following ways:

  • We create a positive first impression of TytoCare and consistently reinforce that impression.
  • We clearly explain what people can expect from TytoCare by educating them about the value it provides and the challenges it can alleviate.
  • We facilitate the behavioral shift across all stakeholders, including providers and health plans.
  • We minimize friction and reduce barriers to successful adoption through user journeys directed by years of in-field research. 
  • We provide an impeccable quality of care that is on par with what members receive at an in-clinic visit. 
  • We promote trust by establishing familiarity with the TytoCare product and with healthcare providers.
  • We instill confidence by having users conduct test examinations. 
  • We provide regular engagement experiences that let members know when to use TytoCare. 

Your journey to success starts with the Tyto Engagement Labs™️. Find out more at