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Increasing access to care for Camp Kesem with TytoCare 

Kesem with TytoCare

As summer camp season comes to an end, a new partnership with a meaningful impact has been formed. Kesem, a remarkable non-profit that provides support to children impacted by a parent’s cancer diagnosis, has partnered with TytoCare, a leading telehealth technology company, to address a critical issue: the shortage of medical professionals to serve remote and underserved campsites. TytoCare has donated 20 devices and services to the organization’s flagship program Camp Kesem, to increase access to quality primary care, expand the medical professional volunteer base, and prevent avoidable and costly urgent and emergency room visits for families at camp. Camp Kesem is a beneficiary of this year’s “TytoCareS” program. 

Medical professional shortages have been a longstanding challenge in the industry. Student leaders who recruit and organize volunteers for Camp Kesem have shared that this shortage becomes particularly pronounced at camp, where access to a medically trained volunteer base is limited. As the scale of Camp Kesem has grown, so has the need for multiple on-site nurses to serve participants’ needs. 

To address this need, TytoCare has donated 20 devices to Camp Kesem to enable telehealth and remote physical exam services at remote campsites. Each TytoCare handheld device contains a high-definition camera and various examination tools. Equipped with a TytoCare device, on-site staff can perform basic medical assessments on campers and counselors. This information is then transmitted to remote healthcare professionals volunteers who can provide diagnoses, treatment recommendations, and peace of mind to both campers and their families. 

The integration of TytoCare technology enhances Camp Kesem’s ability to deliver timely and appropriate medical attention to campers, enables a flexible, remote staffing model to more efficiently serve camps across the country. This care model enables medical volunteers to provide care from the comfort of their home and support camp populations through a shift-based approach. 

“We could not be more thrilled about the partnership with Kesem and Tytocare,” said Alexandra Baldwin, VP of Operations at Kesem. “The gift of their services allows our campers and staff to access expert support without ever having to leave camp. We are so grateful for the opportunity it brings and the relief families will feel knowing medical care is so accessible, even in a remote environment. This partnership symbolizes the unity of compassionate care and transformative experiences through innovation and technology, and Kesem is honored to be a part of that.”

This August, the initial pilot program targeted Kesem camp sites facing challenges with staffing medical professionals, and access to wifi. Kesem will leverage medical professional volunteers in their network to staff the incoming virtual visits. Lessons learned from the initial launch will inform next year’s programming. 

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with an organization like Kesem,” said Dedi Gilad, CEO and co-founder of TytoCare. “They are making a massive difference to children who are going through incredibly hard times, and we’re proud to be able to help facilitate and shine a light on their activities. TytoCare was founded 12 years ago with the aim to bring better healthcare to everyone – no matter where they are or what their circumstances are – and our TytoCareS program allows us to go above and beyond the programs that our partners run around the world and do just that.”

The partnership between Kesem and TytoCare shines a light on the transformative potential of technology in healthcare. By addressing medical professional shortages and providing access to timely medical care, this collaboration showcases the power of combining empathy with innovation. As we look to the future, partnerships like these remind us that technology has the potential to bridge gaps, transform lives, and provide a brighter future for those who need it the most.

About Kesem:

Kesem is the leading national nonprofit supporting children facing a parent’s cancer. Founded in 2000, Kesem’s community consists of more than 4,000 volunteer college student leaders at over 120 college chapters across the country, providing year-round programs and services for these children ages 6-18 at no cost to families. Its flagship program, Camp Kesem, is a week-long, sleep-away summer camp. Kesem also provides a continuum of touchpoints for campers and their families. Kesem is funded entirely by generous donations from individuals, foundations, and corporations. For more information, visit,, and @CampKesem on Twitter & Instagram.