On-Demand Remote Medical Exams

Deliver Clinical Efficacy

Deliver accurate diagnosis and treatments for your patients and build confidence amongst clinicians with a range of clinical-grade medical exams.

Boost Utilization

Make telemedicine tangible with a hand-held device that consistently delivers adoption and utilization rates above industry averages.

Realize Cost Savings

Enhance care delivery efficiencies, improve load balancing and reduce the impact of heavy users to drive cost savings.

A comprehensive exam kit covering most common conditions

Tyto is a handheld exam kit and app that lets you perform guided medical exams with a healthcare provider, anytime, anywhere.


Investigating the ear canal for ear symptoms


Listening to lung sounds to investigate coughs and congestion symptoms


Monitoring heart sounds for abnormalities


Looking down the throat to investigate symptoms in the throat or voice box

Heart rate

Measuring the heart rate


Measuring body temperature


Taking images of the skin to assess bug bites, rashes, and other skin conditions


Listening for abnormal abdominal sounds

Blood oxygen

Measuring blood oxygen levels (pulse oximeter)

Blood pressure

Taking blood pressure to diagnose hypertension

Case Studies

Schools cover

Within 6 months, Henry Ford Health System reached 10,000 new students in 14 schools in and outside of Detroit.

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Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust implemented a solution to allow emergency department clinicians to work remotely.

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96% of Tyto-based offline exams did not require additional video-consultation with a physician after the initial Tyto exam provided sufficient data

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Avel case study front page shot

Transfers to the ED were reduced to 5% a year, compared to the 25% of residents transferred to the ED before Tyto Care implementation.

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Chile case study

The remote Chilean village of San Bernardo cut its budget by 70% while serving 100% of its home care patients monthly instead of annually.

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Airedale Care Homes protected seniors, cut A&E transfers, and improved clinical data-gathering.

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Images and sounds acquired using the Tyto device not only were sufficient for diagnosis but were in fact superior to those acquired...

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Henry ford case study

The preliminary data from Henry Ford Health System’s post-discharge care program shows a 45.8% ED avoidance rate.

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Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust significantly reduced travel requirements for pediatric ventilated complex care patients.

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91% of employees indicated that they would have missed work if the TytoCare onsite clinic was not an option.

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Affinity Care PCN reduced GP home visits, caring for more patients at home without onward referrals.

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The School-Based Telehealth Revolution: How TytoCare is Transforming Remote Care in Rural Schools

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Tytocare telehealth case study - Best buy

TytoCare can increase utilization of telehealth services by 39% above standard industry rates to drive cost savings.

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Advocate Children's Hospital: Evaluating the Role of Telehealth in Caring for Children with Medical Complexity

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Thailand’s Samitivej and BDMS hospitals expand the usage of Tyto as part of the fight against COVID-19

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Enhanced Telehealth Services. Increased Patient Utilization. A Case for Health System Adoption of the TytoCareTM Device.

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Our telehealth platform integrates into existing EMR systems

Tyto Care’s device and clinician dashboard helps providers to quickly form accurate diagnoses with real remote medical exams that improve costs & efficiency.

TytoCare Exam device and app Tyto platform

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Employer Onsite Clinics Senior Care Urgent Care School Health
TytoClinic turns any remote point of care location, such as employee work sites, retail clinics, schools or nursing facilities, into a comprehensive yet affordable telehealth clinic. Learn More


Senior Care Urgent Care
Designed for professional-to-professional use, TytoPro lets clinicians extend the reach of their specialists to home care, schools, and urgent care clinics. With TytoPro, clinicians can conduct a remote medical exam to obtain a second opinion or specialist consults. Learn More


Senior Care Consumer
Designed for consumer use, TytoHome allows users to conduct medical exams from the comfort of home. TytoHome also provides clinicians with clinical-quality exam data to help ensure patients receive the best remote diagnosis and treatment possible. Learn More

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