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Bringing better access to care to Amerigroup Medicaid Texas families 

Amerigroup Medicaid Texas families 

TytoCare’s virtual health care improves access to care for Medicaid members across the country.

Proud partnerships

TytoCare is proud to work with Elevance Health’s Amerigroup Medicaid population, another key partner in our quest to ease barriers to healthcare access and improve health equity for all populations. States including North Carolina, Nebraska, Texas, and California already have active TytoCare programs in place for Medicaid members, with upcoming launches planned in New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Oklahoma. 

As Greg Thompson, President of Amerigroup Texas explained, “Amerigroup’s TytoHome initiative furthers our goal of redefining healthcare and fortifying Texas communities. We are thrilled for the opportunity to pilot such a cutting-edge solution, which removes barriers, makes healthcare simpler and reduces health disparities across our state.” 

Virtual health care for Medicaid

Amerigroup Medicaid members include many families with young children who frequent the ER and urgent care due to recurring common illnesses such as ear infections, sore throats, and upper respiratory infections. These ER visits are needlessly stressful, costly, and lead to fragmented care and poorer health outcomes. TytoCare offers these families and thousands of others a preferable alternative to repeated ER visits. 

TytoCare launched among Amerigroup Medicaid Texas members through an initial cohort in July 2022. Thousands of families have TytoCare devices, most of whom were high ED users. Families performed asynchronous urgent care visits from home, conducting the recommended exams based on symptoms and later connecting with a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment plan. 

Amerigroup utilized TytoCare’s Home Smart Clinic solution for Medicaid, including the Tyto Engagement Labs™ to ensure successful onboarding and adoption. Families could opt-in to receive TytoCare’s virtual health care at no additional cost – both the device and visits were free. Families used TytoCare to manage their health as their first line of care. 

The ingredients for success

With results so far exceeding KPIs that were set, the secret to TytoCare’s successful implementation among Amerigroup Medicaid members is the synthesis of our highly innovative virtual healthcare offering with our Tyto Engagement Labs™. TytoCare’s solutions include our holistic suite of user engagement tools and services, based on behavioral science research and years of in-field deployments. 

Our partnering healthcare organizations leverage the benefits of the Tyto Engagement Labs™ for the optimal adoption and utilization of TytoCare, including the Tyto Blueprints, Tyto Engine, and Tyto Advisory. We support our partners along every step of the user journey to drive engagement and ensure success. TytoCare tailors our solution and Engagement Labs to the unique needs of different populations, including Medicaid members.

Better engagement translates into lower avoidable ED utilization, which is a win for everyone. As Dr. Cealee Thomas, Medical Director at Amerigroup Texas explained, “This initiative is helping families take back control of their children’s health. It ensures that families have more control – and more access to resources – from the comfort of their own homes.” By removing barriers to healthcare access, TytoCare offers Medicaid members virtual healthcare they can trust and are eager to use.