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Remote physical exams

Give your members and patients access to high quality and affordable healthcare from the comfort of home, with no compromises. Remotely conduct a comprehensive examination of the ears, lungs, heart, throat, heart rate, temperature, skin, abdomen, and more.

TytoCare impacts ROI



compared to traditional telehealth utilization rates


of visits resolved remotely

when using TytoCare remotely at home


NPS score

High member satisfaction that impacts retention

Benefits of remote physical exams

Gain market share

Gain and retain member with innovative
plans that make you stand out

Increase care from home

Increase use of primary care at home and divert
unnecessary ED visits

Improve healthcare access

Use remote physical exams to provide better
access to care for wider populations

Our Products


Designed for consumer use, TytoHome allows users to conduct medical exams from the comfort of home. TytoHome also provides clinicians with clinical-quality exam data to ensure patients receive the best remote diagnosis and treatment possible.


Designed for professional-to-professional use, TytoPro lets clinicians extend the reach of their specialists to home and on-site clinics. With TytoPro, clinicians can conduct a remote medical exam, obtain a second opinion, or have specialist consults.

Improving access to healthcare

Gain and retain members, alleviate strain on clinicians, and improve
outcomes with remote physical exams, allowing all your members to connect
with clinicians and conduct exams, share data, and receive a diagnosis and
prescription if necessary, no matter where they are.

Turn TytoCare on
Take the recommended exams and send to doctor
Get a diagnosis and prescription

  • Primary

  • Urgent


  • Preventive

  • Chronic

See TytoCare in action

Meet TytoCare

A two-minute intro to TytoCare.

Accelerating telehealth adoption

EU healthcare insurers speak about their virtual care and how they're improve adoption.

Virtual First Adoption Survey Results

See how TytoCare has raised virtual-first adoption.

TytoCare Demo

See how simple it is to perform a TytoCare exam.

Sharing their stories

Members discuss their experience with TytoCare.

Healthcare On Demand

TytoCare's partners discuss their perspectives.

Access Anytime

Watch an asynchronous TytoCare visit.

Design innovative plans

For the entire family at home


Our provider network, or integrated with yours

or an on-site clinic at the workplace, assisted living, and more

TytoCare vs. Traditional Telehealth

24/7 access
Remote temperature check
Remote Lung exams
Remote ear exams
Remote heart sounds
Remote throat exams
Remote abdomen sounds
Remote skin exams

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TytoCare vs. Traditional Telehealth

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