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compared to traditional telehealth utilization rates


of TytoCare visits

replaced a PCP, urgent care or ER visit

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Remote physical exams

Turn TytoCare on
Take the recommended exams and send to doctor
Get a diagnosis and prescription

Across VPC modalities

  • Primary

  • Urgent


  • Preventive

  • Chronic

Benefits of remote physical exams

Unique VPC plans

Design innovative digital-first plans

Divert ED visits

Avoid unnecessary in-person visits

More clinical data

For better informed actuary planning

Design innovative plans

For the entire family at home



Our provider network, or integrated with yours

or an on-site clinic at the workplace


TytoCare vs. traditional telehealth

Traditional telehealth

For your member
24/7 access
Temperature check
Lung exams
Ear exams
Heart sounds
Throat exams
Abdomen sounds
Skin exams
For health plans
Integrate with existing EMRs
Additional clinical data
All-in-one product
Marketing and engagement toolkits
Provider agnostic

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