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Expand Remote Care without Expanding Expenses: Virtual Care Strategies for Rural Health


Virtually every hospital and clinic across the country is grappling with the challenge of maintaining quality and timeliness of care under the COVID-19 pandemic. Rural healthcare facilities and those providing services to under-served communities are under even more strain. Government funds are coming to the aid of these providers specifically designated for telehealth solutions.

The goal: to provide affordable, on-demand, at-home exams allowing for reliable diagnosis and treatment, especially for the vulnerable and underserved communities. While some facilities have tried phone or video-based appointments – even delivering basic diagnostic tools for patients to use and report the results – these solutions clearly could not replace a standard in-clinic exam. When they do, they are not as scalable or affordable enough to reach the rural communities. Join our webinar to learn more about how a number of healthcare facilities have leveraged these grants by implementing the Tyto Care telehealth solution for affordable, clinic-quality remote exams.

During this webinar, we will tackle different challenges in rural and under-privileged communities such as: 

1. Funding

2. Specialty consults in rural communities 

3. General access to care during the COVID-19 pandemic

4. Focusing programs on vulnerable communities and targeting telehealth programs around them for scalability

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