Health systems & FQHCs

Turn any site
into a clinic

Provide better and more accessible healthcare to community members, while meeting more patients and alleviating staff shortages. The Home and Pro Smart Clinic solutions let you close care gaps and provide quality care from anywhere with remote physical exams.

Reach more patients wherever they are

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Run successful virtual care programs from anywhere

Rural and community clinics
Rural and community clinics

TytoCare is being used across the United States in rural locations and community sites to meet patients closer to their homes, provide better access to primary and specialist care, ED diversion, and reduce travel time for patients and nurses.

1-3 hours
less travel time each way per patient
5 minutes
average wait time
Urgent care clinics
Urgent care clinics

By implementing remote physical exams on clinic premises, patients can be triaged and receive care by on-site or remote clinicians, according to current loads and urgency. Patients’ wait times are reduced, and staff can provide service where it’s most needed. TytoPro also increases patient throughput and visit volumes, reaching more patients and increasing access to care.

of visits resolved remotely
of patients likely to return
increase in visits in ​walk-in clinics​

Leveraging the Pro Smart Clinic in schools takes pressure off school nurses by connecting them remotely with other clinicians, and even enables non-clinical staff members to examine children via remote physical exams if no nurse is on site.

3X higher
utilization vs. standard telehealth
reduction in preventable ​ED visits
4.3X more
schools covered with the same budget
89%​ ​
of students returned to class
Senior care
Senior care

Provide better access to care with on-site remote physical exams which can even be used with no clinical staff on site. TytoCare in assisted living facilities and senior nursing facilities solves more cases on-site and reduces ED transfers for better outcomes and safer care.

a hand holding tytocare device
of cases resolved ​on-site​
arrow with percentages
reduction in ED transfers
image of a hand holding a bag
image of a hand holding a bag

By using remote physical exams on work sites across the country, providers are enabling employers to reduce absenteeism and reduce healthcare costs.

woman using tytocare device
avoided absenteeism​ and returned to work
a hand with flower
satisfaction rate​
image of a nurse
Visiting nurses
image of a nurse
Visiting nurses

Remote physical exams allow ‌nonclinical staff to carry out home visits post-discharge or for homebound patients, saving valuable time for your skilled medical staff.


nurse using tytopro on a patient

TytoCare is being used in homes across the United States to achieve better health outcomes, reduce cost of care, and retain highly satisfied patients.

The Home Smart Clinic only proven solution to enable real remote physical exams for better virtual care for every member of the family, and includes Tyto Engagement Labs for improved patient adoption and engagement.

had with money
Over 5%
total cost of care reduction
a hand with flower
6x utilization
vs. regular telehealth
arrow up with percentages
59% more
ICD-10 codes can be diagnosed vs. regular telehealth

Excellent remote care, more satisfied members

TytoCare’s FDA-cleared* solution is the only proven solution to enable real remote physical exams for better virtual care for every member of the family.
How Corewell Health mitigates staff shortages and addresses load balancing with TytoCare

Hear from Becca Guenthardt, PA-C, and the Corewell team, about how TytoCare helped them provide high-quality care for their patients remotely.

Cone Health Supports the Community Through School-Based Telehealth

With TytoCare in schools across North Carolina, Cone Health is able to leverage schools to support the health of children and the entire community. The solution not only improves health outcomes, it improves academic outcomes for students and economic outcomes for the community.

Baptist Health supports patients with TytoCare

Will Renda, a father of five from Shelbyville, Kentucky, has found a healthcare ally in TytoCare, which has simplified medical consultations for his family. Living on a remote farm, the convenience of conducting thorough physical exams from home has been transformative.