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Tyto Care for
Health Systems

Extend the reach of clinicians anytime, anywhere.

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Reduction in ED

Health systems that deployed Tyto Care saw a 60% reduction in visits to emergency and urgent care amongst Tyto Care users.

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Savings Per Patient

Patients using Tyto Care within a health system cost an average of $7,200 less to treat than traditional, in-person models.

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More Effecient

Tyto Care exams produced wait times and duration of visits lower than average outpatient care appointments.

TytoCare Professional Solutions

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Urgent Care
Senior Care
School Health
Employer Onsite Clinics

How Does it Work?


Turn on the TytoCare device and launch the app

turn on tytocare dtelehealth device

Capture and share exams with a provider or conduct a live guided exam

capture exam using tytocare device

Get a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescription if needed

get a diagnosis or prescription using tytocare telehealth devices
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Success Stories

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Transfers to the ED were reduced to 5% a year, compared to the 25% of residents transferred to the ED before Tyto Care implementation.

university of virginia

Images and sounds acquired using the Tyto device not only were sufficient for diagnosis but were in fact superior to those acquired through the standard-of-care digital devices.

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Tyto Care was able to provide service for all 26 schools within a district, compared to 6 schools the previous telemedicine provider was able to cover with the same budget.


Reduction in emergency transfers and days spent in hospitalization with Tyto Care for Children with Medical Complexities (CMC) came a cost-savings of nearly $7,200 per patient.

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TytoCare can increase utilization of telehealth services by 39% above standard industry rates to drive cost savings.


Tyto Care saw a 45% utilization during a 7-month roll out, compared to the 5% average telehealth utilization rate.

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On-Demand webinar slides reviewing Tyto Care being used in senior living facilities to protect the elderly, vulnerable, and staff members from exposure to COVID-19.

“Devices like Tyto are going to dramatically increase the value of telehealth and the type of service that can be delivered”

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Integrate Tyto Care with
your existing telemedicine platform

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Integrate Device

Tyto Care integrates with existing telemedicine platforms, including major EMRs and telemedicine platforms.

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Identify Populations

Select the population for activation. Identify your ‘superusers’ of healthcare – new parents, chronically ill and elderly – within health systems and plans.

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Distribute Device

Distribute the device to prioritized populations and work with the Tyto Care team for marketing and distribution strategies.

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Realize Efficiencies

Assess care delivery efficiencies, improve load balancing and reduce the impact of heavy users to drive cost savings, then expand to the wider user population.

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